PBI Simulcast: Spotlight on Ethics – December 2018

//PBI Simulcast: Spotlight on Ethics – December 2018
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The spotlight is on you and your ethics requirement this month and beyond!

Do you need Ethics credits? This program is designed to provide a convenient, one-stop buffet of the timeliest ethics topics available.

CLE that is inspiring, insightful, and educational.

All programs are presented by experienced and respected faculty who will challenge your concepts of ethics. You’ll walk away refreshed and inspired.

Secure your “wild card” credits – The best part is that you get to carry forward what you don’t need now.

Morning Sessions:

9:00 – Bob Dylan and the Art of Taking Ethics Seriously, Professor Randy Lee

10:00 – Judicial Ethics, Judge Klein

11:15 – Pennsylvania State Ethics Commission, Brian D. Jacisin, Esquire

Afternoon Sessions:

1:00 – Using Technology & Social Media in Your Personal and Professional Life While Remaining Ethically Compliant, Daniel J. Siegel, Esquire

2:00 – The Art of Legal Pro Bono, David Trevaskis, Esquire

3:15 – The Impaired Lawyer – Protection, Prevention, and the Conspiracy of Silence, LCL, Brian Quinn, Esquire

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