CANCELLED – PBI Video Replay: A Day on Employment Law

//CANCELLED – PBI Video Replay: A Day on Employment Law
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Take away solutions for tackling today’s tough workplace problems.

We have assembled some of the best topics from the Employment Law Institute 2018 in one information-packed day. We have brought together an unparalleled panel of speakers equipped to provide you with the updates and break down the critical information you need to know. They will address the real implications of why these topics matter for you and your clients.

The Must-Know Current Evidentiary Rulings, Trends and Case Law Update for the Experienced Employment Litigator

Speakers: Mr. Karpf and Mr. Lantis

Here is your opportunity to learn critical approaches and strategies for plaintiffs and defendats during discovery, pre-trial motion practice, and at trial based upon court rulings within the last 5 years around the United States.

Internal Affairs: Best Practices for Conducting Effective and Confidential Internal Investigations

Speakers: Ms. Dambreville and Mr. Mills

Learn best practices in staffing and conducting internal investigations, the proper use of social media and public data during the process, selecting investigative strategies, and protecting priveliges during investigations. Gain insight on how courts, administrative agencies and plaintiff’s counsel will scrutinize the company’s investigation and receive checklists to help guide your future investigations.

Become an ADA Accommodation Expert in About an Hour

Speakers: Mr. Meyer, Mr. Mohl, and Mr. Murphy

Just when you thought that you had the Americans with Disabilities Act accommodation process figured out, the law continues to evolve and new issues arise. Find out the latest updates about how courts are applying the ADA to tricky accommodation requests. Learn how to navigate complex and unique accommodation situations.


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