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Learn about important developments and topics in capital case litigation:

Evidence Essentials Every Capital Case Lawyer Needs to Know

  • the latest court decisions in this area
  • Crawford and Bruton issues
  • Social Media
  • Rule 404(b)
  • Hearsay and mitigation issues

Capital Case Conundrums

Identify and analyze certain dilemmas, from practical, legal, and ethical perspectives:

  • Problem clients: how to deal with the client who balks at mitigation investigation, or who refuses to accept advice toward a plea or a defense involving a lesser charge;
  • A view from the bench: a perspective from the bench of what a judge needs, and what vexes judges; and a discussion of how to be responsive to the judge while still protecting the client, the case, and the record;
  • Jury issues: from voir dire to penalty closing, what do jurors expect; how are they best selected; Batson and issues of a diverse jury;
  • Challenges with opposing counsel: if you are a prosecutor, what do you do with defense counsel who is ill-prepared, if you are defense counsel, what do you do with a prosecutor who won’t talk about a resultion short of a death sentence?

Inside the Forensic Science Lab – Insights from a Medical Examiner

  • How a medical examiner works;
  • Tips for direct and cross-examination.